Friday, April 27, 2007

Wild woman

After my demonstration of extreme knitting kung-fu the other night, you must think that I'm a wild woman.
Ignore the cat ass and running shoes. Like yarn, these are constant fixtures in my life.
Getting back to tonight's show you what I wild kung-fu knitter like myself does on a Friday night. Base jumping? Fire eating, perhaps? Krav maga with my cats?


First I did some powerful knitting with my new toys. They are Denise interchangeable knitting needles purchased on today's trip to Mosaic Yarn Studio in Des Plaines. I've been checking out sets like this for a while, and decided on this one today. It has size 5-15 points and umpteen cables. Some of the components have already been put to work. The purchase was actually an act of sobriety and will power, as I had gone on the trip to investigate a rumor the The Precious might be sold there. Indeed it is, but I bought the needles instead of the yarn. But I promised my precious that I would be back for it another day. I covets it.

I will bring the set to play at both SnB groups soon.

Then I gave Scott TC a bath...

Then I lit the candles, ate the challah and dinner, and curled up on the couch to watch Planet Earth. That's what a knit-fu master does on Friday night to keep her skills sharp.
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