Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend update - glow in the dark version

Traif sock #1 has a heel.
I've started a shawl. It's the Scribbling Lace one from Mason Dixon Knitting. The yarns are Lousia Harding Sari Ribbon purchased at Mass Ave Knit Shop in Indianapolis and Madil Kid Seta I got at Nana's Knitting ShopI'm very happy to say that Sahara is done. I'll be posting a picture of it on Sexy Knitters Club tomorrow when I can get someone to take a nice picture. I feel like a very sexy knitter in this sweater. To recap, it's made of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora and a Kool-Aid dyed silk throwster yarn with metallic beads. It was knitted top-down on size six circulars. I've done 3/4 sleeves because I like 'em.
Tonight I'm nursing a mild sunburn on my cheeks, nose, and forearms. I have a farmer's "tan." This weekend's been filled with adventures in the great outdoors. Yesterday I got out for a run, and today I went on a hike at the Palos Forest Preserve. I went on the hike with a guy and chose the location of the hike to show him an interesting historical monument in those woods.

Yes, this is the place where the products of the original nuclear fission experiments from the University of Chicago and Argonne is buried on top of the glacial moraine. You can just walk up to it. The text on the monument says:
Caution - Do Not Dig
Buried in this area is radioactive
from nuclear research
conducted here 1943-1949. Burial
area is marked by six corner mark
ers 100ft from this center point.
There is no danger to visitors.
-US Department of Energy 1978
Someone has taken great pains to chip out the "no" from the granite in the last sentence.
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