Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Ah... For those of you who were concerned or who sent thoughts of baked goods my way, brownies magically appeared last night. I had a late schmooze-a-thon with very important government delegates last night that lasted until almost 8pm. When we returned from our bus tour...gasp...sigh... there was a table of brownies and sammiches waiting for us. I took a pile and escaped to my office for a feast. Thank you, whoever made that happen.

Speaking of feasts, I made another order from Knitpicks today. You know, because I need more yarn. Actually, I ordered a book, and chart holder, some needles, two balls of CotLin for future quickie washcloth or towel projects, and some alpaca lace yarn. That alpaca yarn will be my new kitty. And I bet it will never shit on my bed.

Kate took this video at the Harlot's talk in Oakbrook last week. I wish I could have been there.
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