Sunday, April 08, 2007

What did you make with your Tofutsies?

One last post today.

I have one skein of Tofusies sock yarn in Get Your Feet Wet, and will be starting to knit with it within a week. My Melon Ball sock is done, and my second Rock and Weave will be done sometime this week. The second Roza's sock is being worked on slowly. So, I will cast on a new pair of socks as soon as the Rock and Weave is done.
The yarn is totally traif, having crab and shrimp chitin in it. But I like it, and think it will make some nice summer socks. I'm considering Jaywalkers, but not sure yet.

So I'm looking for advice. What did you make with your Tofutsies? Post a comment about your experience with this yarn. Also, I'd like to start using the Magic Loop method for sock making and need some advice on that. I'd like to avoid second sock syndrome. First, how long should the needles be? I'll be putting in an order to Knitpicks this week. They make my favorite sock needles.
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