Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm working this Rock and Weave sock during my lunch hour at work, and a horrible thought has occurred to me. I think that I may be making a second right sock. These socks are definitely right and left, and based on previous pictures, I think that my last sock was a right sock as well.

The right or left footedness of these socks is based on the position of the cuff opening. If it is the case that this sock is another right sock, I may be able to fix it rather than taking the whole thing apart again. The cuff and the foot are two separate pieces. I broke the yarn in between. The cuff can be removed, turned around, and grafted back on.

I really want to get these bleeding socks done. Not only am I tired of re-knitting what should be very easy socks, but I can't wait to wear the garish socks. And I have others that I'm champing the bit to get on to doing. Tofutsies Jawalkers will be next, followed by Entrelac Socks in yet to be purchased colors of Socks That Rock.

Boy, I hope the grafting will work. I'd like to finish the foot of this darn thing tonight at SNBWB.
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