Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bacon arrives out of the blue

The last two days have been so distractingly fortunate that I almost forgot that my hands hurt.

First of all, I have to report knitting news. I can knit a bit more, and so have been working on X. However, X cannot be shown here again until May 8th when my friend receives it as her birthday gift. Sahara is patiently waiting until I can handle holding a knit that heavy without my hands hurting more. Don't worry. Sahara's not in jail. It's on holiday. Rock and Weave is still in the can. I have to admit that it's not being treated fairly at this point and not receiving due process, but it's my legal system. So there.

Yesterday I did some knitting in an unexpected public place, and it did cause a bit of a sensation. About two months ago I got a ticket, and last night was my defensive driving class mandated by the court supervision. (It is really too bad that I don't run that legal system as well.) I was surprised and delighted that the instructor both did not suck and that he allowed me to knit in class for a while. He did make fun of it publicly, but that's ok. At least he didn't say "just don't."

Insidious seems to be healing slowly now. My hands and other joints are improving, and my tummy is being less yucky. And this without a course of steroids. Yay. I may be back to normal life and eating foods that taste like something again soon.

I have to celebrate something else, and to tell you about it. Yesterday I received approval for a $5,000 grant at my very important government job. Then today I got a gift in-kind worth about $40,000. I've now surpassed the amount of bacon I was to bring in this year for the town, and have sealed my creditability in the organization for a while.
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