Sunday, April 08, 2007


This week was not as prolific as the last two, as Passover and work intervened. However, I've made progress on my Sahara. (For your information, I'm using Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, a lovely soft yarn) I'd hoped to be able to model the bodice for you today, but it was not to be. The trim is very time consuming. But here it is anyway:I'll post the finished and blocked image on Sexy Knitters Club and here hopefully in two weeks.

I've also finished the second Melon Ball sock. The pattern is a slightly altered version of Shimmer from Magknits and my first attempt at a toe-up sock. Shockingly, I never once checked gauge, measured for, or tried on this sock in the knitting. It's a sample sock for Froebe Fibers and not meant to be worn. But it fits me perfectly! The Shimmer pattern produces a stunning texture that not only shows off handpainted colors, but produces a lofty and warm fabric. I'm trying to decide what yarn to use to make myself a pair. This is the finished product:And a closeup of the fabric. Only very simple knitting kung fu is required:

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