Monday, April 23, 2007

Confessions of a bored civil servant

I have a serious fear of commitment when it comes to the Rock and Weave socks. I can't decide on buttons for the darn things. I've spent countless (well, far too many) minutes staring at the selection of buttons at my local Jo-Ann and can't pick four lousy little pieces of metal to close the socks. I mean, are four buttons that embody my personality as well as my passion for knitting really too much to ask?

I also have another confession. Perhaps you already know. I knit on the Shabbat. If I believed in hell, I'm sure I'd be going there because you can't roll on Shabbos, and you certainly can't knit. But I do my best and most prolific knitting on that day of rest. Sometimes I'm a bad Jew.

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