Friday, April 27, 2007

Traif socks

Rock and Weave is still resting comfortably on my coffee table, awaiting weaved in ends and buttons. Of course, as soon as they were done and my favorite sock needles were free, I cast on a new pair. This is a Jaywalker in the Tofutsies yarn. I want to get this pair of socks done ASAP so I can start on the Entrelac socks straight away after the GREAT SnB TRIP TO THE FOLD.
...And that's the sock on my paw, and not my hoof in case you were worried.

This occasion makes me feel obliged to write a review of the Tofutsies yarn, just in case anyone wants my two cents.

I like the yarn. It's thin and soft and works well on my size 1 needles. As I use very pointy metal sock needles, splitting is not a big issue. However I could see a problem with it on bamboo needles. Although the yarn is not stretchy, I'm getting a nice lightweight elastic fabric with a good drape. I expect to have a good pair of summer socks. The down sides to the yarn are the colorways and the smell. First of all, I was not excited by the colorways. The yarn would have a bit of a stripe but for the fact that there are multi-colored plies twisted together. It's very busy stuff and I'm getting crumby stitch definition. Secondly, this yarn stinks. Literally. I kept it in my stash box with bug repellent incense for over a month and it still stinks like shellfish. I'm hoping washing will help.

Yes, this yarn has a 2.5% content of shellfish chitin. So it's traif (not suitable for observant Jews to eat, not that I'm planning on eating it) but I don't know if its forbidden as shatnetz as well. I'm not sure if the prohibition against shellfish applies to uses other than eating. I'm still realizing a benefit from the yarn, so it might. Perhaps someone who knows Jewish law and assuage my slight guilt or lead me to giving them away.

It's about 10am now, and my sixth day of work this week. I'm so looking forward to going home and preparing for the Shabbat. I need the rest. Hopefully I will leave the very important government officeby 11:30.

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