Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I've not posted much for the last few days because it's the beginning of the Passover holiday. I celebrated both Seders at Aleta's house with her family and Kris and Knitterary of the SnB South Suburbs group who came as guests. Kris even brought her whole family to take part in their first Passover meal with us. I always love seeing people, especially children, at their first Seder. I recall my first with fondness. I was 18, and the experience prompted me to choose to start observing Judaism. Passover such a powerful experience, and I really think that the Seder illustrates in only a few hours what has kept our community together this long. Thank you to Aleta, Jan, and Becca for putting on two great evenings.

Kris is too cute. She's been so starstruck with the possibility of meeting the Yarn Harlot, and now she has. See. There's a picture of them together at last night's Chicago Represent event. Kris even made a t-shirt. She's such a talented lady. Congratulations, Kris. I wish I could have gone, if for no other reason but to watch you glow. (BTW, does the Harlot's T-shirt say "All your yarns are belong to us?" And I know, I am a huge geek of many colors.)

Knitting. What have I been doing? Not much. I'm too besotted.

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