Sunday, April 08, 2007

I don't even like eggs

Last night I attended an Easter egg coloring contest with my friends. This is a very long standing tradition; I've been going for something like 20 years. It's become a multi-generational event, and last night we had 16 people enter eggs for voting.
Part of the fun is making a catastrophe of Mrs. Jager's kitchen.
But it brings a lot of joy. Just look at Jenn, all smiley and happy. Isn't she cute with her little turtle egg?
A dozen of the entries. Mine is number 7, tied for something like 5th place. I've never won. My craftiness apparently doesn't apply to Easter eggs. Maybe you actually have to celebrate Easter to understand how to make a winning egg.
Madi Jager won with her alien head egg. Personally, I think Gavin's red car (#10) should have taken the trophy this year, but who am I to question the will of the masses?
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