Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One yarn to bind them...


For the last week or so, I've been having a nasty flare of my insidious and chronic tummy illness. The tummy pains and other tummy related unpleasantness that come with it is bad enough, but sometimes it interferes with my knitting. This insidious tummy illness is a auto-immune thing. That means that my body's immune system attacks my own body parts as if they didn't belong there. Like they were germs or perhaps somebody else's. Well, when my immune system gets this bright idea that my colon is not my own, it also goes after my joints. My hands, elbows, and shoulders are rather stiff and painful lately. So knitting (or typing) is not easy now. The good news is that it will go away. The bad news is that my order from Knitpicks arrived today and I can't take it out to play.

Those are two skeins of CotLin, a chart keeper, a book, and two hanks of Alpaca cloud. So especially for Mandy's interest, I got that book. I also got a circular needle to start Mystery Gift Project X. I cast it on with the bit of knitting my hands had in them.
X is a specially requested birthday gift for a friend. But she doesn't know she's getting it, so don't tell her. I must really love this friend, because it is being made out of a lavender hank of my precious with iridescent glass beads. Look at how that cat glares licentiously at the yarn. He wants it! I knows it! But you know, I still have one more precious. I keeps it in my stash and takes it out to pet it when the doors are closed. It's safe.
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