Monday, April 16, 2007


I have a knitting crisis. I am here at my very important government job with no needles and no yarn. Normally I would never put myself in such a position, but I expected to be working late (or in traffic school) every night this week and therefore not be able to go t0 SnB after not have any knitting time during the day at all.

Plans have changed. I don't have to work late tonight and can go to SNBWB. But I still have no yarns and no needles. There is a chance... a small chance... that my new yarns and needles from Knitpicks will be delivered to me here at work today, and my evening will be saved. What do you do in such a crisis?

Speaking of SNBWB, we went on a (almost) non-knitting outting Friday night. Those with husbands and boyfriend brought them along for Chinese food. It was a great evening overall, but the best parts were when we (the girls) would dominate the conversation for too long with yarn, and one of the men would pipe up to talk to the others about cars, dead mounted animals, or some other topic attractive to those with a Y chromosome. Here are some pictures of the outting.

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