Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good news

Today was a promising day, and I have several items of good news to report.

1. Good has triumphed over the weasel. That's right. It looks like my salary will be renewed for the coming year.
2. With my position being saved, I now have permission to do my very important government job again, and can get back to work on the two big projects that will consume most of my time for the next five months.
3. All that being said, the children will have sidewalks.
4. I am currently the master of all my yarns.
5. I had a date this evening with a man we will call Q (that would be this Q, and not that Q thank goodness). A fairly impressive guy. Good looking, Jewish, educated, and athletic. I didn't ask him if he can make fire without matches. It's probably too early for that, or too much to wish for.
6. I passed a Lush store today without spending any money.
7. There are Passover brownies in my fridge.

Ah, I will sleep soundly tonight. After the brownies are gone.
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