Thursday, January 31, 2008

No news is, uh, no news

Every day this week, I've said to myself, "By tonight I will have done something worthy of blogging about, and I will blog." Each day I have gotten closer to my goals for this week, but not finished anything.

For example, my cold is getting better, but it is not gone.

I cast on this hat late last week thinking that I'd have it done by Sunday. Or Monday at the latest. And then it was Tuesday, and Wednesday. Now it's Thursday. You get the picture. This is the hat that never ends. I keep knitting around and around on it. I'm even doing the decreases at the top now, but I can't seem to finish it.
And then there is the yarn dying business. I think I know what we're naming it. I haven't certainly picked the name, but it really doesn't matter. At least not until tomorrow. Why? Because I can't register the business until I have an address to give them as my premises. And guess what? Until tomorrow, we are officially without a home in February. I realize this is only technical, future, and not-to-be recognized homelessness, but the fact that I do not have an address to put on the legal forms it holding things up. Friday this will be straightened out; we will sign our new lease. Then I can fill out the forms for the business, and we can move.
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