Monday, January 07, 2008

Venturing out

Life is starting to become normal, or ehem, regular around here. We're settling into life here together very well. I'm even finding things to do and making friends. The Amazing E and I went to a local synagogue this past Saturday. I have to commend my husband on his bravery. The congregation is a small "conservadox" one (I am most comfortable in this setting), meaning the services are all in Hebrew. E's been to some Reform services before, but he was totally lost at this one. Also, since he was new and was wearing his fancy wedding tallit (prayer shawl), he was asked many times to read from the Torah, carry it, or otherwise participate. He handled everything magnificently, and ended up with many offers of help learning the liturgy and language so he can take part in the future. We also met another young couple who live across the road from us, and plan on having a meal with them soon. Today and tomorrow I will be further venturing out into the local world to find new and exciting adventures. This morning I will head over to the Navy base to use the gym. My husband is an active member of our country's uniformed services, so I am apparently entitled to all sorts of interesting benefits. Use of the lap pool seems to be one of them. Tomorrow I will try to find the local knitting group. I hope they are nice. I've certainly had good luck meeting friends through knitting in the past.

Not much knitting progress can be reported. I've worked a bit on those manly socks, but my thumb is still a bit sore and I don't want to push my luck.
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