Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The socks are dead, long live the socks.

Sometimes a knitter's gotta do what a knitter's gotta do. And sometimes that means turning pretty things into gaily colored piles of ramen.
The Entrelac socks were beautiful, and I love the yarn. But the yarn is not for socks; I picked the wrong thing. Mercerized cotton socks are a bad idea. Mercerized cotton socks with yarn carried inside between entrelac blocks is a terrible idea. Live and learn, I guess. This yarn will one day be turned into something nice. Something entrelac. Just not something for wearing on the feet.

I have cast on their replacement, the Annetrelac socks. I hope these turn out more practical for wearing. Eunny's pattern for the Entrelac socks was clever and stunning, but perhaps not all that great for wearing. I mean, entrelac even on the soles? The new socks are made from one skein of yarn, and the foot part is all stockinette. They are on the needles, but I'm still working on the ribbing. So they're not anything interesting for you so see.
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