Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Baby steps

I can report more progress today in all conceivable and bloggable activities.

First of all, I just came from a job interview. It seems like a low stress, low importance government job. Just what I need. And it also seems like I might get it. Yay.

Second of all, I went to the local knitting group and knitted last night. I think I even made at least one friend there. She's another string lady who is owned by Cornish Rex cats. (FYI, Scott TC is a Cornish Rex.)

Third of all is progress on the yarn dying operation. I 'm basing colorways on things I've seen in my world travels. If you want to hear something fancy, I'm finding my inspiration in the wondrous variety of creation. (blah blah, gag gag) I have noodled up about 5 colorways so far. Also, samples of sock yarn for dying arrived today. I am busily fondling them now. After I'm done with that, I will concentrate on thinking up a name and starting the legal paperwork.
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