Monday, January 14, 2008


A lot of my mental energy lately is involved in selecting yarns for my business. I feel like the selection of base yarns is the most important supplier decision I have to make. Specifically, I want to start with a really great sock yarn. You know the type, that perfect one. It's soft, springy, and warm. It slides through your hands and feels smooth but firm. It also blooms very prettily, creating a soft halo around your tired feet when you put them on. Ahh, the perfect sock yarn.

I've received several samples of base yarn for socks. I want superwash merino. I don't have the buying power to demand some specially spun stuff, so I have to look at what is readily available on the market. So far I've seen three. They're all the same thing really, and not what I want. So I keep digging. I know I'll find it.

As for the other yarns, I know where I'd get those. There's a mill in India that I've purchased yarn from before, and I like their products. They have single ply undyed silks for sale there. If you've been in my knitting groups, you've seen it. I've done some Kool-Aid dying before. There's also a chance that I could import recycled sari yarn directly from them if any of you are interested.

I'm very excited. This could be very cool.
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