Saturday, January 05, 2008

As long as it's the new year

I may as well make resolutions to my knitting projects. Not that these vows usually work, but I do feel a need to try to finish things rather than filling all my needles with half done projects. My vow is to resolve certain UFO's in short order.

1. Item: Manly socks
Status: Down to the flaps
Resolution: These must be finished. Pronto!

2. Item: +3 socks of Doom!
Status: Gusset finished on one sock.
Resolution: I'll get back to these when the manly socks are done, and the +3 of damage to my thumb is healed. They will be done!

3. Item: Rheingold Wrap
Status: 25% done
Resolution: This will be a long term project that will be finished in 2008. I do pick it up and love it regularly. After all, it is a Starmore.

4. Item: Crapotee #2
Status: Down to the decreases
Resolution: This must be finished. Pronto! It may even redeem the entire pattern.

5. Item: Entrelac socks
Status: Both finished up to the heels.
Resolution: I think these are beautiful. I think I should make entrelac socks, however out of this pattern for Annetrelac Socks. I love the colors, I love how these socks look. However, I have a terror of wearing them with their mercerized cotton yarn, entrelac on the feet, and carried yarn inside. Blister city. I think they are destined to be frogged. Perhaps the yarn will be turned into something later.

6. Item: Crapotee
Status: Doomed
Resolution: This project is forever doomed. It is in prison. The parole board has no mercy for it. Besides, the warden has not located the prisoner in the depths of the packed stash.

7. Item: Green Tea Raglan
Status: Only one sleeve to go
Resolution: This will be finished soon in a fury of weekend knitting. After all, there is only one sleeve yet to knit.

8. Item: Oriel Lace Blouse
Status: Front and parts of sleeves finished
Resolution: I love this knit, and I will work on it over the next few months. Probably after Clapotis #2 and project #7 are done.
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