Thursday, January 24, 2008


Three kinds of news is being murmured around here. It's just not loud enough so you'd know.

First the bad news. Someone who shall remain nameless thinks I have "enough" yarn. The nameless person saw me hunting through my stash for an hour the other night while I was looking for my 9" Denise cable that I needed to start a new hat. I need a hat. I'm the only knitter on the earth without a winter hat, and my sister gave me alpaca. So there. I was going to cast on a hat. But before I could start doing that, I had to find out which UFO the cable was currently holding onto. During the hunt, I unpacked and repacked each box and bag of yarn I have. Yeah, it was in the last one. Anyway, after I found it, this person who I thought understood me so well asked two questions. The first was the afore mentioned "enough" question. The second question was, "how many projects do you have on the needles now?" I think that the answers to the two questions are self evident through circular reasoning.

Don't worry now, I still love this person. Perhaps this problem comes from the fact that his dad has a pair of custom made wool socks, and he does not. He'll change his tune when he is converted. Now, I wonder, where is my other set of size 1.5 DPN's? I have a new project I need to cast on...

The second type of news is the good news. I've found my base yarns. You may be pleased to know that I will definitely be offering a 3-ply ultramerino superwash sock yarn. I'm also thinking of a superwash/bamboo blend and alpaca in fingering weight. I'm also playing around with the laceweight and silk ideas.

This takes me to the third news. St00-pid news. This is my fault. I cannot decide on a name for my yarn, and therefore cannot file the papers. That's right. I am holding up the show. Nah. I'll blame this cold for at least a day more. grumble.
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