Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's done, done I say!

So I've finally finished a Clapotis. I'll never make another. This was sort of a trial of pain and determination for me since the life sentence of the other one. For some reason, I needed to finish one, you know to prove that I could withstand it. That I was stronger than this knit.

The Crap-o-tee is not a difficult pattern. It's a very, very (seriously and dangerously) boring thing to knit. In fact, this knit was so bored that it fell asleep under my coffee table for two whole weeks nearly unnoticed.

It's a very good thing that I like the yarn so much. I had a hank of Geisha from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in my stash when the mishegas overtook me to start this project. Geisha is a Mohair/silk blend, so it's got a lovely shine and drape. It's also very soft and has a good halo effect. I'm sure this wrap will be put to good use.
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