Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Instead of knitting snaps, yarn pr0n

I'm still not knitting. E bought me a thumb splint yesterday to perhaps allow me to knit, or at least help me heal, but it's still painful. So no knitting.

In lieu of knitting mishegas, I'll tell you about my recent yarn acquisition mishegas. You see, right before the move I felt like I'd never get to buy yarn again. So of course I bought lots. Here's my December haul. It includes a mill bag each of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere and a fingering weight alpaca purchased cheap on ebay. Also purchased were three skeins of STR. Two here are Silky STR in Dreidel and a skein of lightweight in one of the Raven Clan colors. Not shown is the skein I'm using to make the manly socks. There's also an orange-y bundle of Jitterbug sock yarn. Finally, we have the gift from Tzurriz of the Cascade Quattro highland wool.Oh, and how could I forget. My sister Eileen gave me this:Ooooohhhh. Aaaaahhhh. It's baby alpaca.

I figure I've acquired at least enough to see me through a six month yarn drought, not that it will really take me that long to find yarn here. I've already picked up some fumes.
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