Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hobbit feet

E and I have been enjoying a nice weekend of sitting around the house, cleaning, and cooking. That's my favorite part of being a housewife, the cooking. Today we're making a big chicken soup while he watches the Chargers vs. Colts game. (I can't say I give two shites about football, but the Colts are clearly the enemy.) I am knitting with the downtime.

(BTW, if you can tell me how to make nice fluffy matzoh balls, I'd be forever in your debt. Mine could be used to bombard tanks.)

These manly socks are nearly done. I have to say, making socks for male Weisberg types is a lot more work than I'm used to. I have pretty small and narrow feet. A pair of socks to cover my little hooves are each about 52 stitches around and take less than 300 yards of yarn. Perhaps less than 250 yards. On the other hand, the Weisbergs have feet like Hobbits: hairy and nearly as wide as they are long. These socks are 70 stitches around and will used all of one hank of lightweight Socks That Rock.
This would seem to partially explain why hand pain is delaying the completion of these socks. The thumb problem is better most of the time, but I do notice it after an hour or more of knitting. My other problem is a third (yes, third) degree burn on my other hand that I gave myself over a week ago. It's small but very to slow heal, and will likely leave an interesting scar. I'll spare you the photo.

Like I said before, I enjoy all the cooking I've been doing.
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