Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Seven random things

My friend, La petite tricoteuse, a wee knitter from the SNBWB group has tagged me for the 7 random things rubbish. I shall oblige, but she will certainly feel the icy hand of revenge.

1. I have not had any kind of English class since high school, and I have made my career in writing. The grammatical and spelling errors you find on this blog are either intentional or a result of laziness, and not lack of understanding of the English language.

2. I have a very long name. My first name is two words, and I go by them both at the same time. I also have a middle name and a Hebrew name. The outrageousness of my last name tops it off.

3. The most famous person I have ever met is Yitzhak Shamir when he received an honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. I have also met a great number of politicians in Illinois, but almost no celebrities.

4. My favorite TV shows are Digging for the Truth and Secrets of Dead. Those shows are so good that I can't even knit when they are on.

5. Seeing as how I have been to the lowest place on earth, I have a strong desire to see (but not actually climb to) the highest place on earth.

6. I must get to bed "at a decent hour" and sleep for 7-8 hours per night. Or you don't want to be near me. Lack of sleep is my biggest pet peeve. Almost anything else I can handle.

7. When my class had our kindergarten graduation, I gave almost all the speeches. In fact, I volunteered for all of them, but the teacher made some other kids do some to be fair.

Knifty Red, if you haven't been tagged before, you are now.
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