Saturday, May 05, 2007

Knitters decend upon...ransack LYS

To start off, 9 women blew invested $1,300.00 in yarn and yarn supplies today. Nuff said? I don't think so. We set out in two cars early this morning. One from Tinley and one from Downers grove and arrived at The Fold 90 minutes later. Much yarn was purchased.

Somehow I thought when I saw Kate knitting in the corner first with her purchases made, that she must have kept her head and exercised monumental control.
No! She struck the sock yarn selection like a tornado and did a huge amount of damage very quickly. I want to guess that there are a dozen skeins of sock yarn in there.
Now and then during the two hours at the shop, we'd loose Knitterary for a while. But eventually we'd hear her moans and breathless sighs coming from one corner or another. I'm not sure what the etiquette is when something like that is going on in public. You know, I want to look because it might be good, but I don't really want to stare. Lucky girl. She found her second husband and is multi-yarngasmic.
Kris bought a spinning wheel. Now she can make yarn and knit again in this lifetime.

After two hours, we were all satisfied and needed a sandwich. So we got back in the cars and headed into town for lunch at the super duper Flatlanders Deli in downtown Marengo.
I bought some yarn. Some. Not the most and not the least. I generally only buy sock yarns and yarn for small projects from LYS's, and big projects on clearances online and from KnitPicks. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to afford to knit as much as I like. But at this shop I still have to control my desires. There's a half pound of undyed bulky Icelandic wool there. That's for stash. I also got five skeins of cotton that I'll make the Entrelac socks from. The original plan was to make those socks from Socks That Rock, but I decided on this cotton instead. The skein of STR in Scottish Highlands (center) was purchased by me. The girls bought the left hand STR on HeartStone for me. They reimbursed me for the gas money in yarn rather than cash.

You know, I'd just gotten my stash in order and entirely into the boxes. Oh well.

I'd planned on running today, but I'm spent.
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