Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In the news today

There were a lot of interesting things in the news today. The first I came across way that according to the traffic reporter on WBEZ, traffic in the Chicago was "awful. Everywhere." It has been Awful. Everywhere. For at least two weeks. So I was 15 minutes late for work. I would like to blame entirely the cosmic force that creates the spontaneous traffic jams in Chicago. Yeah. That's it.

But I did have a delay leaving for work today. I could not find my glasses because I did not put them where they belong last night, so I could not find them this morning. I need glasses to find my glasses sometimes.
Part of the problem with finding the glasses may have been the current state of my coffee table. All four of my current projects are in that jumble as well as I think all my knitting tools. And this morning's coffee (which I lost track of in the spectacle hunt). The wrapper from my breakfast is on the floor.

The next bit of news is that I will be on the news soon. I had a telephone interview with a Canadian reporter last night in regard to Jeremy Erskine. We'd like to see him in the press as much as possible until he is caught. I will post the article when I see it on the web.

News about "the party" is also brewing, but I'm not ready for the press release. Patience. Patience.
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