Monday, May 28, 2007


I'm home from my weekend in D.C. with Amazing E. I can't report too much knitting progress; we were having too much fun for me to spend the weekend knitting.

To start the weekend off, I got up at 3:30 in the crack arse of the morning to catch an early flight on Saturday morning. After a drive up to my very important government office near the big busy airport, I went and caught my plane. And then the other plane. Finally, I arrived in D.C. to E's smiling face.

E was a gentleman all weekend. He had a very nice visit planned for me, and was very kind and patient. We hung out Saturday in the suburbs where he lives and went into the District on Sunday. It was hot; I mean hot. We walked around for a while and saw the monuments and the Mall and all that nice stuff. There was also a huge event called Rolling Thunder going on all day. This is a motorcycle rally to support POW/MIA issues, but that description pales in comparison to the scale of the event. Streets around the city were shut down and the downtown of our nation's Capitol was literally rumbling with hundreds of thousands of motorcycles. The procession of bikes from the central area to Arlington Cemetery literally went on non-stop for the entire day. It was unbelievable.

After while I started feeling kind of heat exhaustion-y, so E thought he should take me indoors to cool off and get water. To make me feel better, he took me to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It is an excellent museum, but a very disturbing experience for both of us. The curators have done an excellent job of conveying the tragedies that happened to European Jewry in the 1930's and 40's, taking the visitor through the gradual lead up to the Final Solution. The museum is designed to make the genocide a personal experience for visitors of all backgrounds, as the victims are made very human in the exhibits. However, the fact that both E and I would have been subject to the Nuremberg Laws and all the horrors they produced made the experience very personal.

We did do a lot of other fun things, and saw some other landmarks and museums and ate some great food. I'm going back in four weeks, and looking forward to the trip.

As for knitting, I did do some on the plane both ways. The Scottish-ish socks are getting very long, and will get the thistle motif pretty soon.

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