Monday, May 07, 2007

One day I shall publish my memoirs

The girls in both my SnB groups listen to my stories and regularly tell me that I should write a book. Perhaps they are making fun, but I choose to believe that they actually mean it. IMHO, I think I've lead a rather interesting life, particularly in the last 12 years or so. I mean, I was raised by my father's Irish Catholic parents and ran off to Israel in my late teens and early 20's to explore Judaism and study archeology. When I came home, I worked as a technical writer doing manufacturing manuals at some of the largest companies in the world while I held down a night job in a pottery studio. Later, I went back to school for project management and now work at a very important government job getting funding for sidewalks by day and am a kung-fu knitter by night. It's a wonderful life. Really. With the exception of the fact of my singleness, I am very satisfied with my life.

But there was one chapter that I really don't talk about much. For one, the fact that the thing even happened has been very difficult for me to cope with emotionally and spiritually. This thing goes by the name of Jeremy Erskine. In fact, hesitate to give too much detail about what he did to me because the criminal case is not yet resolved.

The Scoundrel's name is Jeremy Clark-Erskine. Do a google search, and you will find articles galore. He's been convicted of felonies and has been in and out of prison for years. I dated him some time ago not knowing about his past, and liked him very much until he did some pretty crappy things to me. Last spring, he escaped from a prison in Indianapolis and went on the run. I was in his path, and had my life turned upside down. Eventually, he ended up in Canada where he scammed a number of people and was put into prison. For some reason, he was released pending his extradition hearings and placed in the care of a Jewish organization in Edmonton, AB. This is a link to the story of what he did while staying with them. He's currently a fugitive from justice again.

I am coming forward with this because this man relies on the lack of information sharing between law enforcement to get away with his crimes. The Jewish agency in the article did not know that he committed any other crimes in the United States than forging an identification paper. If he's arrested in say, New York, no one will ever know that law enforcement in Illinois should be notified so they can prosecute him for what he did to me. I want someone who does a Google search on his name to come up with this blog and know to contact the authorities if they've seen him

His name is Jeremy Daniel Clark Erskine. He usually goes by Jeremy Erskine. He is from Indiana, but claims to be from a number of other places such as Belfast, Northern Ireland. He's 6'3" tall with red hair and blue eyes. Do not believe anything he says. He's a dangerous man. If you know him, call the police now and have him arrested; he's escaped from prison and is still wanted. This is what he looks like:
If you see Jeremy Clark-Erskine, call the police. He's wanted in the United States and Canada. The world will be a better place when he is in jail.
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