Friday, May 18, 2007

New article on the scoundrel

This is the latest article about Jeremy Erskine by Kathleen Harris of CNews. I have edited my name in this post, even if you'll see it when you click the link.

Con artist Jeremy Clark-Erskine, the American who escaped custody and then claimed refugee status in Canada, remains on the loose two weeks after a country-wide arrest warrant was issued.
The 33-year-old fugitive is wanted on charges of defrauding the people who posted his bail. He is also wanted by the Canada Border Services Agency for not meeting the terms of his release under the Immigration and Refugee Act, in addition to outstanding charges of fleeing custody in Indiana.
"We're on it, and it's an important case to us. We will find him," said Lisa White, a spokeswoman for the border agency.
Merry Gentlemen, a Chicago-area resident who says she was duped by Clark-Erskine after he went on the lam from Indiana, said she was "blown away" that Canadian authorities released him given his lengthy criminal background for theft and fraud.
"I was like, 'What are the Canadians doing? How could they be letting him out?' I find it unbelievable. It was virtually certain that he was going to flee."
Clark-Erskine was arrested in Jasper, Alta., last April for carrying false documents, phony passports and stolen property six weeks after he fled Indiana. He pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing stolen property and spent 21 days in jail.
Despite his fugitive status in the U.S., he was later released when a Jewish community group posted a $10,000 bond. Last month, the Federal Court of Canada granted a judicial review of his refugee case. Clark-Erskine's claim had been rejected by the Immigration and Refugee Board, but the high court ruled that he did a "commendable" job of self-representation and gave him another chance since one of his planned witnesses didn't testify.
Gentlemen said she was in disbelief that Clark-Erskine was claiming refugee status in Canada, based on mistreatment by Indiana prison officials.

Just for kicks, here's another picture of him. Call the cops if you see him. I suspect he's hiding in Nova Scotia, but I can't be certain.
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