Sunday, May 06, 2007

Finishing stuff, and making room for the new yarn

This week, I made a Scribbling Lace scarf. It took one skein of the Luisa Harding Sari Ribbon and nearly one skein of Kid Seta. IMO, kid seta has a bad smell. I don't like the odor of raw silk. This piece is going into my stash for a while with the anti-bug herbs until it smells as pretty as it looks. I think it's so pretty, it deserves to be modeled out in nature. So I took a walk out in front of my place.

With Sahara done, I've also gotten back to work on the Green Tea Raglan. It's really an easy knit, and very nice in the Classic Elite Bam-Boo. It's growing up very quickly, and has tripled in size in only two days. The seed stitch does slow me down a bit, but the sleeves are in stockinette. Here is the bottom third of the back and part on one sleeve.

Lastly, one Jaywalker in Tofutsies is done. Fortunately, I can't start the Interlac socks until my new needles arrive, so I will be doing the second sock this week.
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