Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I'm having a slightly bad day today. I'm not having any kind of crisis, and I'm not really feeling sorry for myself. But I'm kinda down today. And that is not why.

I'm bored at work waiting on information to move forward on my projects. But that's normal. Insidious has been pretty nasty the last couple of days, and my energy level is bottomed out from it. Blah.

I have some very colorful yarns in my knitting sack under my desk, and my new toys are in there too. I am mooning at them and dreaming. I want to knit, but that might not be appropriate just now even if I have next to nothing to work on for the next 40 minutes before my next meeting.

Tonight I will knit with the Tinley Park girls. And I will eat chocolate chip cookies. And I will be happy.
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