Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Belated knitting movie review

First off, something not on the subject of this post. It's about the VK fair isle sweater. There's no doubt that I'll occasionally wear the sweater. However, I consider it more like a work of art and huge knitting accomplishment than a garment. Perhaps it belongs more appropriately on my wall than my back.

Well then. Movies.

I did get two movies from Netflix this last weekend; The Good Shepherd and Mrs. Brown. They were both very good. And neither actually had eye candy. How about that?

The Good Shepherd is an excellent CIA movie, but it's about three hours long. It's about the life long career of an American intelligence agent in the early CIA and its precursor organizations. The story was very interesting, even if the movie was so long. I had to watch it twice, because its one of those films you have to watch to get, and I was knitting Sahara while it was on. Great film, good knitting film.

The second DVD I had was Mrs. Brown. This is a good film and a great knitting movie. I liked it so much that I watched it twice. Mrs. Brown is a BBC film about Queen Victoria's friendship with one of her servants, John Brown. John Brown was a Highland Scot and her outdoor servant. I would assume that the title of the movie is a reference to rumors at the time that Mr. Brown and the queen married in secret, even if that connection has not been entirely confirmed (although the late Queen Mum, Victoria II seemed to think it was so) nor was it directly addressed in the movie. Their friendship helped her break out of a deep depression after the death of her husband, Prince Albert. It was a very nice friendship movie. I also enjoyed Billy Connolly's portrayal of John Brown. I always find Billy Connolly amusing. Particularly when he is running in the sea nude and reciting Bobby Burns.

That is all.
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