Friday, February 08, 2008

Thanks, Eileen

I finally picked up this hat and finished it this morning. You know, now that it's 50 degrees.
This is the Cabled Rangoli Hat from a Desi Knitter. I've done it on size 5 needles out of the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush that my beautiful sister Eileen gave me as a gift. It only took a little over 1 ball, so I've got plenty left for mittens or something. Thanks, Eileen. This yarn is very soft and warm. It's also pretty with a nice soft halo.

Now I have to figure out blocking. What I've knitted here is clearly a hat that goes on my head. I'd wanted more of a dread bag for my hair. I might be able to stretch it out in blocking, but I'm scared of losing the elasticity in the ribbing and making it all over too big. I mean, it's alpaca so it should and will grow in the blocking. I just want to control it. Probably it needs steam. Perhaps later I'll do that and get a modeled photo.
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