Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A recipe section?

I'm not knitting today. I've knitted lot lately really. I don't know if knitting is the reason, but I'm having a bad flare up of shoulder pain. This is a long standing pain, going back to childhood. It goes away.

During my housewife time of late, I've been doing a lot of cooking. You know, I have to cook for E regularly because when I don't he raids the fridge and ends up with meals of gefilte fish with cheese pizza. Which he eats with charin. (It's like there's emergency gefilte fish hidden in the depths of the fridge for when I don't cook.) And I end up shivering in horror.

I don't usually cook to recipes. Sometimes I look at recipes, and then do my own thing. I cook to taste. This makes is hard to actually give my recipes to people.

Anyway, tonight I made a pan of kosher chicken enchiladas with a black mole sauce. How these kosher enchiladas are different from your normal pan of enchiladas is that there was no cheese or sour cream on them. We don't mix milk and meat in foods. And no lard. I made the mole mostly by imagining the last good mole I had in Chicago and tried to recreate it from memory. It turned out really good, and E suggested that I start a recipe section. He's a generous guy and wants to share what he considers his good fortune with the world.

So over the next few days I'm going to figure out how I can put a thing on my sidebar over there with links to recipe documents.
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