Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yesterday I got out of my cell phone contract with Verizon. It can be done legitimately and without penalty, but you have to be a serious badass to get away with it. The process made me pretty nervous. They don't like letting people get out of their contracts, even if they are the ones who breached it. Cell phone companies violate the contracts of their customers on a fairly regular basis, and if they do it you're entitled to get your contract canceled. But be prepared for them to be mean, to have your intelligence insulted, and to have to gripe to at least four people for an hour. Oh, and be prepared to have your phone turned off immediately upon hanging up with them. That's what happened to me yesterday, if anyone has been trying to call.

At any rate, it did turn out for the best. E and I had both been paying for separate phone lines at a great waste of money. We'd been plotting the cancellation of my contract for several days, gathering ammunition for how to have the contract on grounds of the lasted breach and researching what new and exciting phone I'd get.

Well, E researched the phone. My main criteria for a cell phone are being able to see it when I don't have glasses on, being able to send and receive calls, and a general quality of uncrappiness. Just try going to the cell phone store and asking for that!

E picked the Sony Ericsson Walkman phone for me. In his opinion, this is an uncrappy phone that sends and receives calls. And get this, it plays FM radio! I also believe that I will be able both to see it from across a room and at the bottom of my purse. This contraption is pink and possesses all manner of flashing muti-colored lights so I can see it without glasses, tinkly and sonorous noises, and vibration alerts for my pleasure. It even does several fancy tricks. Look here. There is a movie playing on its tiny screen.
There are two other features that are the best things about this phone. First, it comes with 24/7 Amazing E support. My husband apparently LOVES optimizing electronic devices. According to him, he lives for it. He's already downloaded some fancy softwares to it and placed this movie and my favorite music album on it (BTW, that would be Van Morrison's Astral Weeks). I had no idea you could download cell phone software. The second feature is that it matches my Oriel lace blouse.

Speaking of that blouse, I know I promised pictures. How about tomorrow? I should have those sleeves done.
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