Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Last night, the Amazing E brought home a surprise. It's two hands of Koigu. Please forgive Scot TC's need to jump up and fondle it. Yessss, my Precccciousssss. It's Koigu. And it's a great color (as if there's a bad Koigu color). It's very good for all-wearing all-weather socks. It was gotten from the LYS. On the Harlot's advice, I will not divulge my sources yet, as I understand that a KOIGU shipment is due any day, and I need to do some reconnaissance before reporting. You know?

My husband has not given yarn as a gift before, but I know that he's been reading the Yarn Harlot book I left in the John. He talks about it in the morning, if you know what I mean. Anyway, his first gift was the Koigu. Ohhhhh.

I needed it, too. More than flowers. That last couple of weeks have been hard, and you've noticed here on the blog. After all the moving and stuff, I've been very blown out, and my best friends and new family have been calling to check on me. Thanks to the Sarah, Tzurriz, and Parents E. Your support has been wonderful.

Oh, and most profound thanks to the Amazing E.
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