Monday, February 04, 2008

I thought about editing my post last night

when the game was ending. I wanted to say how cool of an ending it was. Maybe you know what I'm talking about. That big touchdown throw by the Giants. And then the desperate last few plays by New England.

But then there was that silly 1 second thing at the end where everyone thought the game was over. They thought so, but somebody had to put one second back on the clock and spend ten minutes driving herds of celebrators away so they could crouch and then stand up for the final "play". After that silliness, I didn't want to say that the end of the game was cool anymore.

There's no knitting to report. E and I have been hanging out with our colds today. I've worked on the Annetrelac socks more. Right now my husband is eating gefilte fish out of the jar with french fries and barbecue sauce. I wanted to tell you this because I'm a little worried that it means he's pregnant. I didn't know I was such a stud.
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