Saturday, February 02, 2008

I (heart) this sock

Remember my little break down the day before my wedding? I don't either. But here is an artifact of it. It seems that on that day I cast on a sock, and knit furiously on it to expend some of my nervous energy. I even made very good progress.

Well, the other day I found that sock, and in my frustration over the never ending hat restarted work on it. It's the +3 Red Sock of Doom, AKA Hedera in Bearfoot Mountain Colors. I finished this one sock yesterday while I was dealing with the very important government stuff relating to starting my business.

Observe.I take crumby pictures, but this sock is beautiful. Perhaps when the next one is done, I'll have E take the picture.

Speaking of E, the poor guy has my cold. And I believe that I've left him alone too long while blogging here. I hear X Box, and I think a large bug just killed his Mass Effect guy.
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