Friday, July 06, 2007

What is it, really?

I mean, a knit blog with no pictures? I guess the results are self evident here. Perhaps the problem not blogger after all. I seem to be having an error every time I try to close a browser window, and it is the problem that is leading to a lack of photos. I've run the virus scans, and nothing comes up.

With Jaywalkers done, I have started my next (non-Entrelac) sock project. The Entrelac socks are going to be a very long term thing, as I really can only deal with them for short periods. I don't want them to end in jail just because they frustrate me. They are innocent knits that should not unfairly incur my wrath. This next project is a Snicket Sock made of Panda Cotton in Fall Herbs on size 1 DPN's. It's a bit of a to-do for a variegated yarn, but somehow I can't bring myself to make a plain stockinette sock. The fabric is lovely, soft, and firm. A plain stockinette would work up very quickly in this yarn, but I've spent two days getting the ribbing and one repeat of the 20 row chart done, being not-so-quick in the cable needle. I sort of wish Wendy would hurry up and publish the pattern for S(p)ocks. I'd rip out my progress now and do those, but won't if I get to far with the Snicket this weekend.
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