Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Up yours!

Well, the tests are done. I had a colonoscopy, the ultimate medical "up yours" today. I'm sure you heard all about the President's recent one, so I can spare you the details of what this test is. I can't tell you, it ain't fun. But there are preliminary results to report: good and bad.

First the good news. I had been receiving treatment from my regular physician based on the presumption that I have ulcerative colitis. This is a nasty and insidious illness that causes digestive ulcers and usually results in the removal of various parts of the anatomy. I have had an incident of it in the past, but it was fairly mild and put into remission with treatment. (G-d willing it will stay that way) Understandably, when I started showing symptoms of ulcers again, this illness was presumed to be the problem. However, after today's test, the doctor believes that I have a more acute problem, possibly an infection and/or stress, that is causing inflammation and ulcerations in my stomach and some other places. This is a good thing. It can be cured outright and I should have a full recovery.

The bad news is that the test resulted in some complications. I started bleeding pretty badly after the procedure and it caused some excitement in the hospital. Fortunately, it's stopped now and I'm home to rest. I will remain here for another day or two to rest.

I would like to send another Up Yours! tonight to HP. I have a camera from them that is used almost exclusively to bring you yarn pr0n. Does HP have some political agenda against all types of pr0n? Because that bastard keeps acting up. Now it won't charge. So I can't take pictures. If I could, you'd see a nearly done sock where there used to be an arsed up tangle of Panda Cotton yarn.
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