Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Love the yarn, hated the socks. I pulled out my work on the Panda Cotton Snicket Sock. It sucked. That pattern is a pain in the arse for the size small. The way the pattern is written, you have to switch the number of stitches on each needle every few rounds. Yesterday I cast on the beginning of a diamond lace pattern from the same yarn, but an inch into the knitting I realized that that sock was arsed up as well. Too big. So it's all been ripped out again. The poor yarn has really taken a beating. I'll give it a bath and croon lullabies to it tonight to try to restore it to happiness.

Insidious is still being a pain in my arse, but less so than before. I believe the weight loss has ended for now, and I am able to eat tasteless foods. B"H. I am eating fine things such as rice, toast, and chicken soup with rice or toast. However, this diet lacks the necessary calories to fuel my body. Amazing E (being the amazing guy he is) turned me on to non-dairy protein shakes to make up the difference. This is the sort of thing that body builders drink to get ripped...I'm sure I'll get huge...and they've been working. While still ill, I have more energy.

In fact, I am drinking one now. I just got off the phone with E, and during our conversation he asked me what I'd eaten today. Sometimes he asks. Did you know he's really a Jewish mother? He added up the calories he thought I ate today and declared it not nearly enough, demanding that I have one of these shakes before bed. I'd not had one today because I ran out of soymilk to mix the vanilla flavored powder with. So I mixed it with water instead. Heh. I can't say it tastes bad, but it's blue.

If I'm a Smurf tomorrow, E, it's your fault.
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