Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Musings on a love affair gone wrong

I've cast on the Panda Cotton again and again, but I've produced exactly fuckall. Well, actually, I've produced a tangled ball of yarn. Don't get me wrong. I love the yarn. I love it so much that I am putting a great deal of pressure on myself to make something really good out of it. First it was the Snicket Sock, which I got half way through when I got sick of it's foolishness and pulled the lot out. That pattern should roast in hell for eternity. Then I cast on a diamond lace number because I think that a subtle geometric patter would be best for this yarn. However, I got a couple inches done and pulled it out. Too big and weird. So not it's cast on again, and an inch of ribbing is done for the cuff. But I don't know what I'll do now. Patterns don't really show up well with this yarn. It's very colored. Do I do just a stockinette sock (G-d forbid!)? I could do it that way, and I'd have new socks to prance around in in no time at all. But not something fancy. Sigh. Decisions, Decisions.

I'm thinking that I rushed into this relationship. (And no, this post is not a cryptic message about my other blooming love affair). I was once in love with a skein of STR in the Heartstone colorway that was purchased by the SNBWB gals on our GREAT SNB TRIP TO THE FOLD. When they presented it to me, I promised to love it and hug it and make up a pattern just for it in honor of the group. But it got bumped in favor of my infatuation with this bamboo sweetie. Perhaps I should put the Panda Cotton away and refocus on the STR and the Entrelac socks.

Now, for juicy news about my other love affair. Yes, I am seeing the Amazing E this weekend. And yes, I am seeing him next weekend! And finally, yes, I am booking the trip to Hawaii with E this weekend while he is in town. Please contact Tzurriz to place your wagers.
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