Sunday, July 22, 2007


This weekend has been filled with pleasant diversions.

Friday was great. First of all, I didn't' have to work. (Yay!) The very important government office has not been a fun place lately. We've seen a rash of resignations, terminations, and general poor behavior there lately, culminating in the announcement of a major reorganization on Thursday. So I was glad to not be there. Instead, I picked up The Amazing E from Midway Airport at the crack arse of dawn that morning. I believe that E's goal for this visit was to see me eat and rest as much as possible, and these were our priority.

Miss Luka, La Petite Tricoteuse, and the Captain joined us for Shabbat dinner at my place Friday night. I don't know about them, but E and I had a great time, even with Duncan's antics. The poor kitty. He just wanted love and Turkish Delight. Don't worry, he didn't get any candy.In knitting news, the tangle of Panda Cotton is once again on the road to sockdom. After much hemming and hawing, I have settled on (drum roll, please...) plain stockinette. And it's going quickly.

I'll need some diversions tomorrow. Tomorrow is hospital. Blech. I only have to be there for a couple of hours. It's for tests. But they're nasty and I'll be laid up for at least a day afterward. You see, I have a new doctor and he wants to run diagnostic tests himself to confirm my original Insidious diagnosis. After that, I may actually start to get some aggressive treatment.

My primary diversion for tomorrow is likely to be a book. You know what book. Yes, I bought HP7. It came via UPS to my door on Saturday morning, and I'm about 140 pages into it.

BTW, when are we allowed to start talking about this book? I mean, most people I know have finished it. What amount of elapsed time is polite? A week?
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