Monday, July 23, 2007

More diversions

Well, I'm here in my office. There's not a lot of pressing work to do, and I'm nervous about tomorrow's festivities. I won't go into a detailed report on the events, as Katie Couric already did it on national tv. Suffice it to say, the test itself is not fun but the preparations tonight might be worse. I just hope that they give me enough drugs tomorrow. That's what I'm nervous about. Not enough drugs.

So I'm occupying myself with thoughts of my upcoming vacation with The Amazing E. This weekend we booked our flights to the Big Island of Hawaii on my frequent flyer account. The two of us will spend seven days there in September. I've been there twice, but E as never been. So I'm letting him pick most of the activities. I think he's very excited. E was up half of Saturday night reading the guidebook. He's so cute.

Hawaii is possibly my favorite place in the world. I like it even better than Jerusalem. I mean, it has great weather, good diving, and a drive-in volcano. On my previous two trips, I concentrated on diving and volcano hiking. I wonder what E will have in store for me on this trip?
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