Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yet another disappointment

You know, I was just recovering from the identity crisis brought on by finding out I was dishcloth cotton. And now, thanks to Miss Luka, I am doubting myself again. This is why:

Online Dating

Apparently, my use of the words "breast" and "shits" are the reasons for the PG rating. However, I would have thought I'd get at least a PG-13 rating or higher. There has, of course, been all kinds of yarn porn and yarn-otica on this blog, and I know I've dropped F-bombs in here somewhere. Specifically, I recall the use of "fuckall" and "fucker" in a post about Chicago traffic. Perhaps the rating computer forgave me because it's smart enough to know that any oath taken while describing Chicago traffic is forgivable.

I shall have to try harder.
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