Friday, May 16, 2008

Vampire coyotes

Last night at bedtime The Amazing E and I were discussing whether it is more healthy to sleep with the windows open or shut when the weather is nice. I believe it isn't good to have the bedroom air all stagnant and still. I like the fresh air and believe that indoor air is usually dirtier than outdoor air. E seemed to believe that sleeping with the outside air coming in causes allergies and therefore the windows should be shut. Now, this is not an argument that the air can have things in it that aggravate the allergies of people who are prone to them. He was telling me that it would cause people to develop allergies that they don't already have. Mind you, this issue is not resolved.

At some point I brought up that back in Illinois I slept with windows open at least part way almost every night of the year. To that he grumbled "I know." He told me that he hadn't liked sleeping at my condo with the windows open because he could hear all the outside noises. In particular, he didn't like the coyotes noises from the forest that surrounded the condos. My response was that the coyotes weren't dangerous to us because we were up four floors, and coyotes can't jump that high. So I wasn't afraid of the noises and got used to them.

Now, I thought at this point the conversation was lightening up. E asked what if there were vampire coyotes. Certainly they could fly. I said that we were safe on grounds that vampires need to be invited into a home and could not sneak in uninvited. And that my screens were immobile, preventing anyone from letting a vampire come in. E asked "really?" and I replied that the classical stories of vampires said so.

Then in a matter of fact voice he said that all that vampire needing to be invited in stuff was probably just folklore.

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