Sunday, May 04, 2008

Maryland Sheep and Wool

The Amazing E and I went to the festival today, and I bought no yarn. Knitters, please don't faint. And significant others, don't point the finger of "See, someone has self control." It would all be premature. The fact is that I had a net expenditure of about $20, including food.

We spent about four hours roaming the stalls, tents, and barns touching all things fibery. I touched yak, and I touched silk. E touched all types of wool, and learned that there are big differences between types. And then I got fiber fever.

It was Toni from the Fold. She sold me an Avi Wasserman drop spindle. It's so pretty. The truth is that I've been coveting one of these since the infamous trip during which Knifty Red bought her wheel. This one is 1.25 ounces and made of maple, cherry, and ebony woods. I also got some Icelandic wool and some silk hankies with which I will make my very first yarn.
Lastly, I also got a bag of suri alpaca locks. It's just shorn alpaca, but I got about a pound for $5. I couldn't pass that up! So now I'm trying to figure out how to clean and comb it. Man, this stuff is kinda stinky and has sticks, burrs, and other things I dare not think about in it. So we really only spent about $20. Well, that's after selling three skeins are yarn to Ravelry knitters I met today.

Only $20.
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