Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SoS! SoS!

Summer of Socks can't get here soon enough. I'm going to be bare footed in no time.

Today I put on my most comfy Koigu socks. You know, the ones made of The Precious that was purchased Maryland that weekend least summer when E was trying to show me that there are things I like here. Besides him. I put on those socks and took my laundry to the basement for washing when I noticed that the balls of my feet felt like they were sticking to the concrete floor.

Yup. When I got back upstairs I looked at the bottoms of my feet and discovered that they had both blown out very badly. There's no saving them. After a proper memorial, they'll be DARNED! into the garbage can. That's the second pair I've lost to the same ailment lately. I guess I need to get knitting on socks for myself.

Not that it's related at all to my sock woes, but I need to show something off.
It's my first good handspun. One ply is the silk hankies I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool. The other is the suri alpaca I got there. Thanks to a knitting friend, I was able to card it up. Yay. It's so fluffy and soft.
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