Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A danger

I cannot go near my sofa the last two days. Not even to rescue my three active works in progress from one end of the couch. It's very sad. Just sitting over there are my Bayerische Socks which were recently rediscovered, my Cobweb shrug made of yummy yummy Malabrigo lace, and the sock for my buddy in the Hand Dyed Sock Swap. I miss these little guys, but I can't get near enough to them to pick them up and love them. I can't even get onto my couch. This is the culprit. It's a silk hankie I dyed in my Tyropoeon colorway. I started spinning it. Now every time I sit down to do anything, it leaps into my hands and steals my time. It is a monster.
I guess the good thing is that the spindle is about full. I just don't know how to get the yarn off and retain the twist.
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